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7 Steps to Shampooing Locs
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This course will teach you the 7 Steps to Professional Loc Shampooing that will save you time and reduce product waste while giving your clients a polished look.

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After completing the course, you will receive a 60-minute complimentary call to answer any follow-up questions regarding the cousre.

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Mrs. Sabrina is an awsome trainer. She made sure we all understood fully before moving on. I'm happy to have had her as my trainer.

Simone Woods

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My training went very good today. I was provided with a lot of information & key points learn how to use my finger and a lot of techniques. I never realized how much goes into Sisterlocks.

Nicole Yang

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Eye opening, Sabrina is a very thorough & patient instructor. I can appreciate her making sure we do things right the first time.

Calvin Smith

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Day 1 was fantastic, quite timley, and perfectly on the knowledge aquired during the self-paced portion. She also explain the techniques and concepts that i original didn't understand. I feel complete and confident. 

Suzanne Levis