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Essential Crown Care For Kids

We Will Discuss:
What is the right product to use? How to shampoo. Which stylings practices work with my child? What are the daily maintains for this style? Use this time for a great family time. No more tears or running away on shampoo day. Show you how to cut down on your time.

List of Ideas Needed for this Class:

* Shampoo
* Rise-out Conditioner
* Leave-In Conditioner
* Styling Products
* Combs and Brushes
* Paper and Pen to take notes

Sisterlocks® Online Training Class

Tools Required:
* Training Manual. Be open to ask questions.
* Mannequin Head with stand.
* Metal Rat Tail Comb.
* 4 -6 Croc Clips.
* Row located in the front of the Mannequin head ready to be locked.

Transitioning With Confidence

Haven't had a relaxer in a while
Unsure if the "Big Chop" is right for you
Have you done the “Big Chop”

*Creative ways to transition
*Importance of knowing your hair type
*Combing, detaining, shampooing tips
*Various protective stylish styles
*Maintenance and Management

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