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About This Course

Welcome to Queen of Roots online Natural Hair Care University in the City of Orlando Florida. Whether you are visiting for the first time as a prospective student or checking in on us as one of our active natural hair care alumni.   I trust you will find in these pages the information and ideas that reflect our deep commitment to intellectual achievement in service of our City, nation, and world of natural hair care development, hair growth, hair health, hair strengths  and hair styling.

I first came to dream of having this natural hair care campus as a student  decades ago and discovered for myself the breadth of excellence in teaching, scholarship and research that marks a great base for any university. That diversity and quality of intellectual pursuit defines Queen of Roots, it's instructional formats and national seminars today.

I encourage you to get plugged in with us. Rates, size of classes and local seminar seating and location can very. But as I always say -"If your hair is not BECOMING to you, then you need to BE COMING to me!" And with that said, learn to embrace your "Natural Hair Crown" -Wow, a very far cry from just being "naps."

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