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Face To Face Classes

Two Day Hands-on Training

Group coaching in the areas of Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales, Branding, Automation and Administration Business Strategy Transformation.

Certificate of Completion
* FREE 30 minute personal one-on-one coaching

Empowering Natural Hair Care Workshop

In this workshop we will teach you and your child how to care for and appreciate their unprocessed hair.



*  How to create an array of versatile hairstyles
*  Combing and detangling tips
*  How to choose the right products
*  Maintenance and management

Tools Required:
*  Products currently used on hair.
*  Tools use on the hair
*  Hand held dryer

Sisterlocks® Mentoring

We will be working in sections.
* Get Out of Your Own Way
* Help is on the Way
* Strengthen Your Confidence
* Make Your Best Better


Mentorship sessions include but are not limited to :
​* The Consultation
* Parting and Sectioning
* Repair techniques
* Speed techniques
* Sanitation
* Product Knowledge
* Step-by-step certification guidance
* How to complete client record documentation
* Acceptable certification pictures
* Assist with Sisterlocks
® establishments
* Assist with Retightening
* Customer Service

​All sessions are customized to individual needs of the Trainee.
We will focus on a different topic each session. This is designed to review and apply theory and technique learned in class to client services. (We work on clients and mannequins)
Mentorship has many benefits, including strengthening trainees to feel more confident about the quality of their work. This includes prior to submitting it for evaluation and confidence providing services.
​Four Month enrollment for best results.

Sisterlocks® Retighten Class

Learn step-by-step self-retightening in this one-on-one in-person class. This two hour class is intended to only instruct individuals on how to maintain their own hair. This class includes a shampoo / conditioner with the Sisterlocks® TM products + Style. Bring with you an open mind.

* Enjoy the flexibility to maintain your hair between appointments
* Reduce your long-term maintenance costs
* Gain a sense of security when you travel or can't get to your Consultant

Requirements - PLEASE READ
* Must have Sisterlocks and no other hair locking system or extensions.
* Must provide Consultant's name (for verification)
* Must provide locking pattern (Consultant can supply this.)
* Locks must be settled-in and no longer slipping. (minimum 6 months locked)
* Must have at least 10 locks that need retightening. (1-2 inches in crown, front and/or side areas)
* Locks must be separated and not matted.
* You will be required to sign a Trademark Agreement.

Sisterlocks® Mentoring Group

Traditional Loc Class

Learn step-by-step self maintains in a one-on-one in-person class. This four hour class is intended to only intended to only instructs individuals on how to maintain there own locs. This class includes a shampoo conditioner with personal products + style. Bring with you an open mind and all of the products, tools you currently have in your home.

* Enjoy the flexibility t maintain your hair between appointments.
* Reduce your long-term maintenance costs.
* Gain a sense of security when you travel or cant get to your styles.

Transitioning With Confidence

Haven't had a relaxer in a while? Unsure if the "Big Chop" is right for you?

*Creative ways to transition
*Importance of knowing your hair type
*Combing, detaining, shampooing tips
*Various protective stylish styles
*Maintenance and Management

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