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Our Vision


    To make sure every customer, leaves feeling and looking their absolute best. That is why I take great care to maintain an upscale, modern, yet warm and friendly studio. It's why I never overbook or double book appointments for clients.  I pamper every client and make sure he or she leaves looking spectacular.

queen of roots
1st n 3rd place

Our Story

     Sabrina A Davis, the only Double Master Stylist Award Recipient in Sisterlocks® twenty year history.


Accomplished and "R"- Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant CTA, Lic. Cosmetologist who Specializes in Natural Hair Care, Natural Hair Products.  Also starts and maintains traditional  Loc's in a clean, healthy, high-end salon located in the prestigious Dr. Philips, central Orlando Florida area just moments away from the world ​famed attraction Universal Studios!

Sabrina Davis, Owner, Master Stylist

The Professional ​​Salon You Deserve...

From the tri-level garage complex to the picture glass windows and high cathedral ceilings you deserve to be pampered where you rejuvenate. Here is you special invitation to a private beauty oasis — which I call Queen Of Roots. My prestigious natural hair and scalp salon tucked hidden away in the acclaimed iStudio — I own it… I control it… I provide it… for only one reason, YOU!  This supportive, relaxing, drama-free environment in this independent salon will make you notice a lot of effort goes into my professional preparation to take care of and nurture all that is you.

Getting Ready for the World...​

Photos from some of  my Florida model search competitions, months before tackling on the Hotlanta Magazine Group, Inc. photo endeavor. Much preparation  staging and practice until success.



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