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5 Most Common Mistake When

This checklist is only the top  shampooing mistakes.  Avoiding these mistakes will help your clients have healthier more manageable hair.


Shampooing with the Same Shampoo More then Once

It's important that you stop using the same shampoo at a time. It only dries the hair out more.   If you feel the need to shampoo twice, use a different shampoo


Scratching the Scalp

I know it feels good to do it, but it causes our curly textured hair to tingle up more at the scalp.


Not Getting the Scalp to Lather Up

It's important that you cleanse the daily impurities off the scalp to make the hair and scalp more manageable when shampooing


Not Detangling Before Shampooing

Without detangling you will pull out a larger amount of hair during the shampooing process.  It's important not to see more hair in the comb. You  want to see more hair on the scalp.


Not Applying Shampoo Directly to Scalp

Rubbing and scratching does not ensure that the scalp is being cleansed, you must see it in the mirror.  Applying shampoo directly to the scalp will help control dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.

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